Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The River that flows

The horses had been ridden,
The wars had been fought,
The lands had been conquered,
By the time we got there.

The cows had been milked,
The chicken had been slaughtered,
So before us is a banquet,
Of mouth watering opportunities,
That salivate my drive to extremities,
That touch skies beyond my limits,
And I learn the worth of just a minute.

Some just like to watch,
A bearded man chose purity,
No wine, No concubine,
Unlike the swine,
Who found it fine,
To just watch,
Horses being ridden,
Wars being fought,
Lands being conquered.

He has nothing to call his own,
So insecure,
Deflecting faults off himself,
So I can feel bad about being myself,
Daring to dream he knows not how,
So for those who can,
To put down he so knows how.

What good is a man with no ambition,
What good is a man who flows with the river,
Instead of being the river that flows.

Kavosa Assava