Tuesday, 30 April 2013

There is someone in the Darkness

In darkness you come to me like no other light I have ever had the privilege of setting my sights on, and I am then happy..no, happiness does not definitively describe what my inner most intimate feels, not what my heart can formulate consonants whose meaning travel to my windpipe and out I breathe the words I so desperately want you to hear.

You are a being so complete with flaws whose sores are masked by earthly beauties that my pride curtsies at their perfect nature. And I am more than gracious to welcome you into my spacious dome dedicated to meticulated worship of the ground you walk on through words I find so hard articulated but cannot help myself, stop myself, restrain myself.

I have had the rumor, the whispers, the stories people tell. Tales of this being who not so rudely barges into your private dwelling and dishevels all your belongings.Who are you master of the darkness, spirit dweller, light bearer? I did not invite you in nor kick you out. Yet you make me sin without a doubt. I did not wish for your existence nor cast you away. Instead I bowed at your eminence

Kavosa Assava