Thursday, 10 November 2011

Nobody hears the screams.

Hi everyone:) It's been a few days but this is something new. My inspiration for this comes or came from a story I read about this girl in Europe whose father kept her captive and sexually assaulted her for 24 years. We are living in a period where no one really knows what goes on in peoples homes and if we could take a moment to think of those who have been forced into sexual relations without their consent.....lets do what we can, even if its just one prayer...

These four walls, they are so tall,
Behind these four walls, so tall,
My body he will maul,
It has become a stall,
Where he shops for my innocence with his balls,
And what is left?

When it started I was younger,
After years you begin to wonder,
Of him I was fonder,
Before the four walls that are so tall,

I stare at the stacks of plates in the corner,
I have eaten my last supper,
Many A time I have eaten my last supper,
But it has been time since his last visit,
The last... It nearly killed me... Blood,
It has been a while since his last visit.

My spirit is on the wane,
My foot is on the waggle,
He knows me like no other should,
I know his cane like no other should.

It has been time since his last visit,
But I can tell you how meticulous he is,
No one knows,
No one hears,
Not the screams,
I guess death is an ambient sound.

It has been time since his last visit,
But I can tell you, meticulous he is,
I hear his footsteps from miles away,
Their rhythms matching my rhythms,
So I pretend to sleep... He knows sleep,
I am not it.

So he slips in me,
My mind leaves me,
He pounds my flesh,
I lay their still feeling nothing,
Soon he will get off and be off,
And I would have given my pound of flesh,

It has been time since his last visit,
But I hear footsteps from miles away,
Yet they cannot hear my screams,
Maybe death is an ambient sound,
Beyond these four walls so tall.

Kavosa Assava


  1. Call this 1...FOUR TALL WALLS!!!

  2. ...really intense, great piece:)

  3. Wow, intense is definitely the right word. Very dark. It makes you shiver.