Wednesday, 2 November 2011

"So Good"

Eyes,they pierce into the soul,
His...stab mine,
Hands melt skin,
His...burn mine,
I feel him breathe over my neck,
Over my neck,
Feel his chin rug, 
Sweep across my collar bone,
His mean mug,
Breathing over my neck,
Maness is what it is,
And you know...
Maybe I shouldn't...
But it feels so good.

He mowed down that girl in me,
That little fickle mess,
And me he left Woman,
That multifarious little fickle mess,
He took her apart, 
And made me Woman,
I used to scamper like mice,
form wall to wall,
But now...
Now I move like,
Speak like,
Think like A woman,
And it feels ...
So so so so so so good!

Maybe I shouldn't,
But you know...
I'm in the mood,
And I'm not afraid,
To say that I'm feelin this dude,
And I can no longer brood, 
So insistently in front of him I stood,
And said "I love You,"
Coz  I'm in the mood,
Coz I'm not afraid,
Coz I'm feelin this dude,
Coz I can no longer brood,
And just coz it feels,
So so so so so so good!

Kavosa Assava


  1. Totally judging

    but seriously, I like this piece, simple and direct.

  2. sooooffftnesss :-) told you so :-p

  3. heh Kavo, huku bana theres an age limit ama?? this is beef...hehe sawa woman!!!

  4. this anonymous person sounds like abraham

  5. but this is'nt what you think it is...feelings go deeper than just sexual attraction