Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Woman Utero is Us!

It is the size of a small pear,
Yet it can give you pain impossible to bare,
It can fit on the palm of your hand,
Yet create a living being who can hold the crown of this land,
One who has emerged from a birth so painful, 
To live a life so sinful,
To make a change so meaningful.

Honestly I would prefer a scrotum and all its burden,
Much prefer testosterone over the uterus that is my warden,
Coz look... I am socialized to clean, mother,submit,
My dreams I cannot meet
Because I must bare seed,
My goals I cannot reach
Because I must teach,
Satisfaction I cannot breathe
Because I must feed.

Feed those who will grow to do as they feel,
Living me behind to continue fighting
this enemy made out of steel,
It cannot break,
It is the hand of God,
Or should I say hand of Eve,Will of God,
So I must sob,
Sob over my uterus,
Sob over being a woman.

Kavosa Assava

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