Friday, 4 November 2011

To Find You

Life moves on,
Time falls with sand in the hour glass,
I lay asleep so I can go back to my dreams,
To find you,

I paint pictures of the lines around your perfect face,
Your perfect lips,
That once kissed mine,
Around your decoy eyes,
That once touched mine,
That lured my soul into that ball of fire within you,
That burned cold,
Froze my heart sold.

I go back to my dreams to find you,
But your gone,
My heart once sold is now torn,
At the silent sounds of your wind blown,
To you I am drawn,
So my trinkets I will pawn,
To the Shylock of the lovelorn,
My trifles I will trade,
To the Shylock of the lovelorn,

Maybe If I do,
He will clear the stockade between I and my love,
Maybe, If I do,
He will stomp over the evils between me and my love,

So I lay asleep.....

Kavosa Assava

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